Sunday, August 17, 2008

Camping at Delaware Water Gap

We just got home from camping. We went with our good friends Peter, Leighann, Peter, & Liam. I also called my friend, Joanna to come down for Sat. as well.

We had a nice relaxing time. We stayed in the cutest little cabin that reminded me of little house on the prairie. Minus the electricity, tv, fridge, and microwave. Hey, it was in the woods, does that actually count as camping?

Fri. we drove down and set up. Fri. night we had a fire with smores (it is not camping without smores.)

Sat. Jason went with Peter, Liam, & Peter in a raft on the Delaware Water Gap. They enjoyed it. Sat. we also went swimming, and played at park, and hiked up a stream. Yes, I was actually in the stream with my boys. It was fun (minus the poison ivy of course.) Peter swears he saw a bear, not sure about that, but it is possible as the camp rangers warned us of bears in the area. YIKES!!!

Sat. night we made another fire with more smores! YUM! It is so nice to talk around a fire until after midnight. We chatted with our camp neighbors who were on there first camping trip because there son had seen George on curious George go camping and he wanted to go too. We thought that was so cute! Too bad the rangers came to tell us to be quiet, who me? Since when am I loud? lol.

Today we hung around and then packed up and said goodbye to our little cabin in the woods.

I learned that:

-relaxing is fun and I need more of it with my kids
-food taste better outside
-God has blessed me with incredible boys (yes I already knew this, but was reminded)
-God has blessed me with incredible friends (thanks Leighann & Peter & Joanna)(again a reminder)
-I love camping
-Not seeing a bear is nice!

I really have had some fun this summer, I hope you have too.
What have you learned on a vacation?