Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My "baby" is 16

Happy 16th birthday to my "baby!" I can remember the day this boy came into my life, screaming his head off. It has been some ride, but what a blessing that I have been able to be his mom. I am so proud of the amazing young man he is becoming. He is caring, respectful, helpful, kind, and funny. It is strange as the years pass and they need us less as a parent, and the relationship changes. I would... never trade those baby years, or young child years as we climbed trees together and read books, and did our craft (sweat shop's, lol); but I also am coming to really enjoy this new stage where we talk and have real conversations, especially when Jason has me cracking up. I am so proud of this young man. Who will always be my "baby" and my firstborn son, but who also is becoming a man right before my very eyes.