Tuesday, April 7, 2009

need socks?

Alabama Wholesale Socks

This company is a Christian company. Click on there daily special link, it is about salvation. I have ordered from them a few times in the past. They have fast shipping and excellent customer service. They sell socks for children, women, and men. They also sell t-shirts and boxers for men. They even have socks for diabetics.

I just ordered 10 dozen pairs of socks for under $55 including shipping. That is 120 pairs of socks. That breaks down to about .45 cents for a pair of socks.

I do not work for them, or get anything for this post, but since we all wear socks and money is tight I thought you'd like to have this site.



Jeannette said...

oooh socks, how exciting I can use them to stuff my
oh wait this is a family channel