Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Great day

We had a great day! We actually got some down time and fun family time. We did a craft together and went in the pool, after we cleaned for 30 minutes together. I also got a nap earlier today. We did not get any school work done (we are supposed to be doing a little each day,) but I did not yell today and that is a VICTORY. We also went to lunch with Jason's Nannie (his dad's mom) and I sold a bookcase for $20 on craigslist that was picked up today, so I was able to put gas in my car. I
actually have only one bill left to pay for July (which I am expecting a check in the mail that will cover this bill) yet still managed to get gas and food taken care of for rest of month. GOD IS SO GOOD!

Tomorrow I have work 9:30-4:30 (my mom is watching the boys), then we are going to a free concert in the park.

Then Fri. early we are going to drive to Ohio with my younger brother, Kevin, so we can visit my grandparents (my real dad's parents.) We are going for four days and I am so excited to get away. I actually already packed all the boys clothes. Tonight I am going to pack my boys clothes and the boys treat bags (I have been saving toys and crafts that can be used in the car, I will wrap them all up and in the car the boys each get to pick one every hour or as they are bored; my mom always did this with us as kids when we went on car trips.) Tomorrow night I will pack all snacks and food for the Fri. car ride. We will stop to eat but we will eat what I am packing (this is a very frugal trip.) My goal is to actually come home with money left from my trip money, we will see.

But overall we had a great day! Now we are going to watch a movie and then the kids are going to bed. -Becky