Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day one of our Ohio vacation

Joshua excited to be going to Ohio

Jason excited to be going to Ohio

Kevin driving to Ohio

Fri. at 9:00 we (Jason, Josh, my brother Kevin, & I) headed out for Ohio. We were all very excited to be going. We stopped at WAWA for breakfast and gum, then we were off. We stopped at a rest stop for lunch (the lunch I packed.) And we stopped at McDonalds for dinner (yum-sarcastically!) We arrived at my grandparents cabin just before 7:00. We made great time and stopped only three times for food and potty. That was a small miracle with two small children. My grandparents were so happy to see us. We chatted and relaxed a bit and then went to bed around 11:00pm. More on day two of our trip later. -Becky