Monday, July 21, 2008

YIKES! Electric bill!

I just got my highest electric bill since moving 11 months ago. It is $223.08. I only budget for $100 a month for electric, so obviously this is no good. I have had the air on everyday since June 20th, and I have greatly enjoyed it, so I guess now I'll pay for it. Yikes! I do have lower bills in Sept. & Oct. after the air and before the heat. And also in April & May, so it will balance out. I just set the thermostat 2 degrees back, I will deal with it being 75 degrees in here. I think my biggest problem is that I have very little insulation in my house, so I am cooling off the outside too. Plus it is so hot in my boys room, but nice in my living room. My room is ok as well.
I just can not have 2 more bills that are over $200, which I probably will July & Aug. bills as it will probably get hotter in Aug. I guess complaining does not help much, but ahhhhh!
How are your utilities, are they much more than they were last year? -Becky