Saturday, July 12, 2008

I think I am going about this loss of income the wrong way

Since closing my in home daycare full time I am making less money a month, yet I still seem to be spending the same (or more). It is only July 12th and I have already spent $255 not budgeted for. I am blown away. I think I need to completely cancel my debit card as it seems too much a temptation. I also need to unlink my savings from my checking, it is too easy to transfer money when I overspend.
Here is what I spent so far not in my budget for July:

$28.68* Burger King (2 adults and 4 kids)
$14.00@ Avon (bug spray and sunblock for Jason for camp)
$30.00@ workout (I forgot I only had money till end of June)
$50.00@ overage on water bill to fill pool
$22.00* shuttle for Duane so I did not have to drive him back to airport
$68.48* AC Moore crafts for summer
$50.00@ misc
$10.26* Wawa snacks

$255.00-total (rounded to nearest dollar)

*-paid by debit card
@-paid by check

YIKES!!!! I need to seriously watch this. My savings account is slowly dwindling. I have only $1300 left in there, but $600 is for OHIO trip at end of July to visit my grandparents, and $300 is for Jason's homeschool curriculum and membership into Home School Legal Defense (which is $100 in itself), the other $400 is also earmarked for something as well. So really I have no savings left. I do still have my emergency fund of 3 months living expenses, but that is in a cd so I can not access it as easily as my savings, and I do not want to. I also have $300 put away in another account, for new glasses but I actually need a brake job so that will cover that. New glasses will have to wait until next year. I need to be more disciplined and stop spending money. I actually still have to get Jason a throw away camera and toothbrush for camp today, ahhh!!!!! Pray for me on all this. I will be doing another virtual garage sale next week to try and recoup some of the money I spent unnecessarily. This has been helpful in the past. -Becky

ps-Thanks mom for putting gas in my car, putting money on Jason's camp card, and buying us groceries and a box of angel food (you are so great to us, I would not be doing all this without God and you!!!)


cpatel said...
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cpatel said...

It is amazing how fast money goes. Especially since gas prices keep climbing and climbing.

Glad your vacation Bible study was fun. I know Grandma had a good time.