Thursday, August 4, 2011

Vacation Bible School

We are on day 4 of VBS and I am exhausted. I am teaching the pre k/k class and have about 22 kids daily. I love them, they are so sweet at this age. Yesterday a boy in my class told me, "You look beautiful." Then today another boy said, "Your breath stinks." They are an honest bunch too (I had just eaten egg salad in the snack room.)

Tonight was our parents night for VBS and it was a great turn out. The kids all put on a great show for their families.

Tomorrow will be our last day.

In addition to VBS I have house guests (who came from Maine to go to our VBS. The family used to go to our church,) and am still doing childcare, (the kids I watch come to VBS each day with me) so it has been a hectic and exhausting week.

Sunday after church I am going to rest all day (oh and get my house back in order for Monday.)