Tuesday, August 23, 2011

13th & 14th books read

Just finished:

This series has a book for every grade. Usually I am not too impressed with this series, as the idea behind is this is what every third grader in USA should be learning this year. One of the reasons we homeschool is to learn at our pace and somewhat things that we are interested in. But I did glean some useful ideas, and since it is such an easy read, (I read this book yesterday) it is worth getting your child's grade from library and at least skimming through it.

This series is a great resource, especially for someone just starting out in homeschooling, but will also add to a seasoned homeschool family.


Kate said...

The 2 books you reviewed are in my personal library. I have all the books (grades) in the series of the first book. I bought them at a library sale. I was able to find some useful info in each of them. And the second one I ordered from Amazon because I am homeschooling Ian this year. I haven't looked at it yet because I bought 4 other homeschooling books at the same time and I'm reading those first. In your blog post from August the 15th, you mentioned you were reading the book The 5 Love Languages of Children. I own The 5 Love Languages of Teenagers. I highly recommend it.

Becky R said...

After I finish the 5 Love Languages for Children I will read the teen one, I so need help with my teen.

Thanks for all the comments (love) lateley.