Thursday, August 25, 2011

Today and more homeschool stuff

Today it is very hot and humid out. We are expecting a storm (from a hurricane), so this makes it more humid. It really stinks because my central air is not working (praise God is has worked since May, because I am cranky when hot.)

As we have been doing more school planning I am getting more and more excited!
Joshua is also excited about doing carpentry. He has been learning how to build things from wood by just spending time with wood and tools. He just got his own saw and hammer last night at Lowe's, so now he can really build stuff, as he said.

I am very excited about studying astronomy and we have been watching documentaries about the planets, moon landings, and other space missions. Did you know they sent a rover that landed on Mars and it took almost a year to get there? You can see images and videos the rover sent back. It is so cool.

We are going to get a telescope so we can spend many nights gazing at the planets and constellations. All I ever see though is stars, the images that many can see seem to escape me. But still the night sky is so beautiful.

We are looking for planetariums in NJ that we can visit as well. And we are planning at least one visit to the Franklin Institute Space Command as well.

One of the many reasons I love homeschooling is learning all this cool stuff with my kids. Plus when I get excited they tend to as well (but not always.)

Let's pray this enthusiasm stays right through to June. LOL.