Friday, August 19, 2011

Great Deal

Kohl's sent me two $10 coupons, plus 15% off coupons. I just got Josh a lunch bag for about $2.00 and Tony Hawk Sneakers for about $12.00 (after the coupons.) So cool. The funny thing is Josh asked me for a new lunch bag (because being homeschooled he eats lunch out about 3 times a year, lol.) Anyway I told my mom because she likes to take the boys back to school shopping. He told her he didn't want a lunch bag (I didn't know this yet.) When he saw this in store he liked it. Then when we got home I told my mom we got one so she didn't have to do. She told me what he said about not wanting one, so I asked him, then he said, "Oh, I didn't want one." So why did we buy it then? It will get use so no big deal, but kids are so funny. Sometimes my mom and I think we have two separate kids with Josh because he will tell me one thing and her another.


Kate said...

Cool shoes! My son Ian, who is now 12 1/2, used to be like that when he was younger. When asked why he didn't want something after he HAD wanted it, he would say "it's not my lucky day to want it!" So now, when he says he doesn't like something that clearly he has liked in the past, I say "Is it not your lucky day to like _____?"
LOL! Kids are funny and frustrating! But that's what we "pay" them for :)

Becky R said...

Kate, too cute.