Saturday, August 13, 2011

My "bedroom"

My "bedroom" is 10'6" x 6'6". Technically it is not actually a bedroom as it has no closet, but it still works for me.

It is big enough to fit my full size bed (with the bed wedged in between three walls,) my night stand with all the many books I am currently reading, and a small armoire (30" wide x 66" high x 20" deep) to hold all my clothes. Also Lady's dog bed is on the floor since even when it isn't she still sleeps in there.

God gave me this house, and for that I am so blessed. And in saying that I realize my house is not too small but exactly what He wants me to have, so I have to have only enough stuff to actually fit in this space.

I had taken the playpen that Kaiden uses when he is here (5 days a week) and somehow shoved it between my armoire and bed (making getting in and out of bed pretty difficult.) Two days ago I decided I had had enough of that, so I took out the playpen. I also washed, dried, folded, and put away all my cloths (some ended up going to the delutter pile.) I managed to fit all my shirts, pj's, underclothes, socks, shorts, and capris in this armoire. I took out all my jeans (5 pairs) to put in shed until fall. This was no easy task, as this armoire's size. But I made it work. I put all my socks and underclothes in a bin on the floor of the armoire and all the pj's and shorts/capris are also on the floor. All my shirts and skirts I hung up.

I also took everything but dog bed that was on my bedroom floor and put it away (how these things, like the babies toys, and Josh's books ended up there I have no clue.) And I organized (once again) my night stand. Putting all books I have read on the bottom and keeping only the books I am currently reading and my Bible on the top.

I also removed some taped up verses to the wall that Josh was memorizing (can you see the theme that the kids use my room?) My room looks so nice, relaxing, and actually larger now.

My goal is to have no kids in my room, they have the rest of the house, I want something that is all my own.

Josh graciously allowed me to put the playpen in his room (pray Kaiden doesn't start climbing at any time soon as then the stairs become a safety issue.) I also told Josh I do not want any of his toys or books in my room, he has to keep them all in his room.

Tell me about your room? Do you let the kids in? Is it your haven?



Kate said...

Our bedroom is our place of peace. It is decorated in serene colors of browns and beiges and hints of red. Our son is 12, so he doesn't feel the need to ever come in. I don't allow a TV in there. Just our bed, 2 nightstands, a bookcase and our triple dresser/mirror with a chair next to it. It's spacious and I keep the laundry baskets for dirty clothes in the closets so they are not out. I go through the room once a week to make sure nothing that doesn't belong there has found it's way in {My husband is good for that ;)} I like our room and it's important to have that space for yourself. I was a single mother for 7 yrs before I met my husband, and I needed to have that privacy. We still do as a married couple. Good for you for taking the time to do that for yourself :)

Prince of Thrift said...

wow! sounds like some of the places I have lived over the years. I can remember the apartment when I first dropped out of college. It was right behind a bar and I had a roommate to help with the expenses. He had the bedroom while I slept in a walk-in closet just off the living room. The closet had a pair of french doors (with glass) on it and was just wide enough to fit my twin size bed.
In some ways I miss that apartment which has since been torn down with all the bars to make way for some luxury apartments and townhouses. I wish I could have gotten in there and retrieved a pair of those doors before it was torn down. Oh well I have the memories.
As tight as it was I never was home until the contract ran out and I moved because the landlord didn't make repairs in a timely manner.

Becky R said...

Kate, that sounds great and relaxing. Once they are over 10 they tend to stay out, my 13 year old does for the most part. My 8 year old still loves my room, but I am hoping by putting the baby in his room he will want to be in there too (he loves the baby, my nephew who I watch full time, some nights too.)

No tv in my bedroom either. I like it for relaxing (what is that? lol,) sleeping, and reading.

Becky R said...

Prince of Thrift,

I love older stuff too, I so desperately want the old hardwood floors in my sisters that if they ever tear down her house I will figure out a way to save them.

Plus I like smaller spaces, if I were rebuilding my house it would be about the same size (now it is just about 900 square feet, I think I would do 1,000, but I would want a much greener house.)

One problem is that my room has only one outlet behind where the bed is so we can't actually plug anything in there. This is a blessing and a curse.

Jeannette said...

I don't have kids just my husband, if I could figure out how to keep him out I would,,, ha haha

Sisters of the Blog said...

I have no kids, but i still regard my BR as a haven. I like it clean and picked up as i really do sleep better when it's put to rights.

I told DH i never wanted a TV in the BR. And we've never had one in there. I think it's too distracting.

If you've got some friends who know electricity, Becky, you can run another outlet in your room.