Sunday, August 14, 2011

10th book read

I have always fantasized about living in colonial or pioneer days. This book painted a great picture of that life and yikes they all worked so hard.

Waking up at like 3am to light fire and make bread, um not for me (the waking up early part.)
Getting to site of your home and having to build it from scratch, including making wooden nails, and living in a cave, tent, etc. until it is finished. Maybe I could do that (I know you are laughing now.)
Making your own socks by shearing sheep, making yarn, possibly dying yarn, and then knitting them, I could possibly handle that.
Saving seeds, working land, harvesting produce, and possibly starving if something went wrong (flood, drought, bugs.) Scary.

I am thankful for all we have learned from those who came before and all the advances made over the years. I am saddened that as each year passed the trust and reliance on God and community has diminished.