Friday, August 26, 2011

Conflicting reports and spending money

The town I live in is very close to the bay. Hurricane Irene is headed to hit us sometime tomorrow afternoon. The police told me we had were having a mandatory evacuation by 11am tomorrow, but the fireman said they can't make you leave (but that if you have an emergency help may not come.)

We have a few invites to go to other's houses inland, however these are without Lady. I can't leave her home alone. Our house will not flood, but may lose power or have wind damage. I am debating staying home. Will make the final decision in am.

In the thought of staying home we hit the food store. We spent 80 unbudgeted dollars on pretty much junk food, and dog food. We probably have not spent $80 on junk food in the past 6 months. I know other than the dog food the items were not a need, but occasionally you just have to blow the budget. And we will really enjoy our snacks as we are stuck inside for the next three days.

Are you in the path of Hurricane Irene? Are you staying home or moving elsewhere until it passes? Did you stock up on snacks?