Thursday, August 25, 2011

No drive day

No drive days this month:


This is my 4th no drive day this month. My goal is 4-8 no drive days a month. This means no driving or going in any one's car at all. A walk around town is fine.

I started doing this because at one point last year I could not remember a day we had been home all day in weeks. You would think a homeschooling family would be home all day, but we weren't even home one day. So I decided then to purposefully stay home 1-2 days each week.

How many days a week are you home? Would you like to be home more or less?



Jeannette said...

I would love a no drive day, do you think my clients would mine walking around to each house, or maybe I can add a side car to my bike, or maybe I can pull them around in the wagon.. ha ha

Kate said...

As a stay at home mom, I have a lot of no drive days, which is good for 2 reasons:
1. Environment
2. No drive days = no spending :)
Sometimes I go crazy being home all day, but there is always something to do if I look hard enough lol! Sometimes I don't ;)

Prince of Thrift said...

Wow. I love the sound of a no drive day. I absolutely would love to do that, but it usually ends up with the wife wanting to do something, go someplace on my days off, because she feels cooped up with no way to go anywhere the rest of the time.