Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Homeschool Confidence

Homeschooling can be very overwhelming. It is a huge commitment and amount of work (although I think so worth it.) When I began homeschooling in 2008 I felt I couldn't do it without going to co-op. The co-op we started going to back then was huge, 2 full days a week with 60 some odd kids. It was like school. We went for a year and a half and then decided to try a smaller co-op. We meet for about half a year with four families in a smaller co-op. Due to tremendous variation in age groups (1-13) this group also was a bit much for us (although I loved the fellowship.)

So last year we did a co-op with just one family. We met Wed. & Fri.'s from 3:00-6:00. We did art (the younger kids anyway), history, geography, science, and free time. It worked really well for our family. I got some fellowship with another Christian, homeschooling mom, the kids got some time learning with other kids, and free time as well. I was all set to continue with this group next year, but the building we were using (for free) is being torn down and we have no prospects other than each other's homes to meet. My home is too small (at just about 900 square feet.) Hers could work, but still not ideal.

Even though I am sad, I also am alright with not doing co-op at all. I am finally at a place that I feel competent (with God leading) to homeschool my boys completely.

I don't mean isolating them as they will be doing church Sunday morning, youth group Wed. & Sunday nights, and children's program Wed., plus guitar lessons for Josh, and horseback riding and a writing class for Jason (ok I am getting some help with the homeschooling with this writing class.) But for all the major subjects we will be doing them together and without other families.

The boys also know we will not be co-oping (verb I created) with other families and they also are alright with that.

We may meet monthly at night with past co-oping family to view night sky since we are all doing astronomy this year; and will certainly do museums and other field trips with other families as well, but the day to day will be just us.

I am excited.

If you homeschool, do you co-op? How often does your co-op meet? What subjects are covered?



Jeannette said...

Becky, if you want to co-op you are more than welcomed to come here, we can use basement or dining room,