Monday, August 22, 2011


We have two more glorious weeks of summer left. How will you spend them?

Our schedule this week:

Today walk down to beach / hopefully no drive day / Josh is doing an outside movie with my mom tonight, Jason is going swimming with youth group tonight
Tomorrow Six Flags Great Adventure
Wed. last beach seining class, lunch with cousin and her kids (summer favorite, subs)
Thur. arts and crafts day and hopefully a no drive day / Josh has guitar lessons at 4
Fri. visit to horse farm with daycare kids
Sat. watch Kaiden 8-5 / work night job 5-10
Sun. 9:15 Sunday School / 10:30 church / watch Kaiden all day

What does your schedule look like this week? Any summery stuff planned?



Kate said...

Ian starts school on Sept 1st, so we still have another week and a couple of days. Our days have been lazy since it's been so hot. We've been to the zoo and to Cedar Point amusement park. We've volunteered at a nursing home. This weekend we are going to a larger city and spending the weekend shopping, eating and seeing a couple of movies. I'm really looking forward to that. In the fall, we are planning to go to a geothermal natural spring to swim and relax. But other than that, it's been quiet and I think it will be after this wekend.

Jeannette said...

Summer went fast, I enjoyed spending more time with my family and Joshua, I liked our family Sunday dinners, although I am never playing a game with you and your brother n sister again, geess louise

Becky R said...

Kate, nice summer. So cool about swimming in the spring. I would love that!

Jeannette (aka mom) I have greatly enjoyed our Sunday dinners too.
Next time we will play life again instead. That was fun.