Tuesday, August 30, 2011


We ended up evacuating due to Hurricane Irene. We left early Sat. and stayed with friends. While there I started feeling sick. We came home Sun. afternoon. I went right to bed. Sun. night was horrible, my throat and head were in so much pain. Yesterday I called my doctor but they were closing by 12 and I couldn't get there by then (many lights near us are still out and lots of detours with lines and trees down.)

Anyway my stepfather took me to the EMO and they diagnosed me with strep. Even after the first antibiotic and a nap I felt a little better. And I feel a little better still today, but not great. But the all over body aches are gone, now I still have sore throat (though not as painful as Sun. night and yesterday.) I also have a slight headache and feel weak, plus the antibiotic is causing stomachaches. But I will take this over the way I felt just yesterday morning.

My house did well in hurricane, no damage inside, we never even lost power. We did lose some limbs in the yard. They are piled waiting to be cut so they will get picked up. I am going to call the town to see if anyone is cutting limbs, because usually they will not take them unless they are cut into 3 ft. pieces, and we do not have a power saw.

The boys have been playing video games and watching tv for 2 days straight and of course are fighting today. My mom is coming to get Josh around 2:30, then I will go back to bed, because the more rest the faster I will recover.

If you were in the hurricane's path how did you and your family fair? Your house?



Kate said...

Glad you and the boys are safe!