Monday, February 23, 2009

they are getting it

Last night as I was about to go to bed at midnight, I thought I smelled gas in the house. My stepfather, Scott, who is a firemen told me if I ever think I smell gas to call the fire dept., so I did. I had to warm up the car and put the sleeping kids in it. I put Jason in the backseat and Joshua in the front seat. Jason went back to sleep, but Josh was half asleep, half mesmerized by the fireman (I am sure he thought he was dreaming.) As I thought Josh was falling asleep he jumped up and said, "Mom, what about Jay?" I assured him Jason was asleep in the back seat, after he checked himself he went back to sleep. I started tearing up thinking after ALL the fighting they do to each other Josh's main concern was his brother. So I guess they are getting it (what really is important.)

Praise the Lord after about 25 min. we got the clear to go back in with no gas having been detected, they said it was probably just the start from dryer or stove (I was running a load in dryer, plus had made a cup of tea about an hour before.)



Jeannette said...

Glad your okay, and yes your boys will always look out for each other. First they sit on each others head, kill each other and take whatever the other has. But in the end they look out and protect each other.

Are you sure the gas smell was the stove, ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

That is so sweet!! And I am glad everything is OK.