Wednesday, September 12, 2012


As you know it is already Sept. So far this month we have:

had family barbecue to celebrate Jason's 8th grade graduation
celebrated family birthday's (mom, sister, grandmother, cousin, aunt, brother)
fixed some holes in the walls
painted Josh's room
primed Jason's room (to be painted today)
gotten Lady shaved
taken Lady to vet for a UTI
went to Jason's dad's family picnic (we go every year, Jason's dad does not)
Jason had one visit with the chiropractor
watched Kaiden
watched Ava, (before and after school care)
cleaned out old homeschool closet
got awesome new shelf for homeschool closet (at a yard sale $20, so it is new to us)

Still to come for Sept.:

finish both boys rooms, including new blinds, and some shelving
organize all homeschool stuff
homeschool lesson plans
first day of homeschool Tues. Sept. 25th
family vacation to South Jersey (coming soon)
I have a class (childcare, I have to do hours each year to keep my daycare license)
Josh is going to see Sesame Street live with Kaiden
I am going to my first ever chiropractor appointment
I have two or three houses to clean
I will have a small gyn procedure done
I am participating in a Walk For Life to raise money for Solutions Pregnancy Center
Jason will have another chiropractor appointment (he goes every two weeks)
I will have a visit from the agency that issues the daycare license (they do three a year, two scheduled, and one surprise)
I will do some out of home childcare
I will do some in home childcare
We will have two or three more no drive days
We will attend Church on Sundays
We may attend church on Wed. evenings for children and youth night
One car will get fixed so I can have a car again

What are your Sept. plans?



Hugh Fernandez said...

It seems like September was not only spent productively, but in a healthy way as well. :D I noticed you and Jason visited a chiro. Do any of you have a body injury to be treated, or was it just for maintenance? How did it go, anyway?