Thursday, September 27, 2007

Another day

Hello! Just another ordinary day here. But God is so extraordinary. He is showing me things that are hard but I need to hear about my home being a safe haven for my kids to really see Him. It is hard to be a mom and be responsible for the spiritual upbringing of my kids. I can not get it right for myself. Thank God for His love and grace. It is hard to just be a mom with all the ordinary stuff, laundry, cooking (still working on that one-thank God for my microwave-lol), cleaning (again a work in progress), homework, getting to school on time, bedtime, showers, everything. But I am being reminded that all that stuff is not top of the line, it's not even second. This is what God wants my priorites:
1) God and my walk with Him
2) My boys and there walk with Him
my relationship with mom, dads, sisters, and brothers
3) My job (in home daycare) and giving 100% at my job all the time because God is always watching, and teaching daycare kids about Him
4) My role in Teamkid's Time at church, praying for teachers and kids and preparing for each week and reaching out to encourage those teachers and kids
friends and relationships outside of immediate family

honestly my list looks like this:

my boys
my family
my job
Teamkid's Time


I know I need to work on this. I want to put God first. When I do my day runs more smoothly and I am calmer. This is how I will ultimately teach my boys by setting the right example. And as I have learned the hard way God's ways are the only right ways.

It is just hard, and I think I need to remember walking with God is not always easy and when I am not comfortable I am growing and this is all I can hope for until I meet Him face to face one day. Hopefully my list will resemble His list much more by then.