Saturday, September 8, 2007

I am giving this testimony at my church tomorrow

I wanted to come up and let you know what God has been revealing to me over this year. Most of you know me, for those of you who do not my name is Becky R. I am a single mom to two great boys and I came to know the Lord almost 8 years ago through Solutions with Lorrie E.

I have struggled a lot over the years with many things, but everyone here has always been so kind and caring and helpful. And even though God provided for all my needs sometimes I was too proud to let my church family know of needs I had.

Some of you know in Feb. I broke my ankle. This was completely devastating to me as I watch children in my home, and needed the income from this, plus I was living on the third floor in my apartment building. I was in a lot of pain and unsure of how I would get through the next six weeks.

God already knew. He had it all planned. Everyday, either my mom or someone from this church came to watch the daycare children, care for my children, cook meals, clean, and encourage me. I sat on my couch unable to get up yet still trying to, thinking and praying to God that these are my kids and they are my responsibility. I felt so guilty imposing on others time. I had to ask for more help than I’ve ever asked for. I could not even shower with out help in the beginning, how humbling.

Somewhere along the way it clicked, God told me that one, it could be worse, this was only a temporary and that two, “He told me, no, they are not your kids, they are my kids, and I gave you these people to help you care for them” What a different perspective. I finally got it. I can’t do it alone, none of us can. But that’s ok.

God further reminded me of this during my move 3 weeks ago when over 20 people showed up to help me move, paint, and more. And I am not sure about those involved but I felt such peace on my move day.

Whatever your situation, single or married, without Him we are nothing, but also He put us here at Calvary Baptist Church to care for each other’s lives, to laugh and cry together, to be His body. And for this and for you I am so grateful.Thank you for allowing me to share this with you, and thank you for being part of our life.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful and so true!

Jeannette said...

with God anything is possible, you and I have seen that over and over
You rock as a daughter and as a mother