Thursday, January 15, 2009

calmer me

My boys are grounded from all electronics (tv, video games, remote control cars, etc.) So now they have to come up with things to do that don't involve these things. (Hence the puzzle and volcano pics.) I love when my kids use there brains and find ways to entertain themselves.

We are getting ready to make brownies and homemade ice cream (Josh got a kit to make the ice cream for Christmas-thanks Joanna!!!) Even though it is snowing and freezing he has been begging me to do this ice cream kit since he got it! I hope to snap a few pictures, but probably will be too busy doing this ice cream experiment.

All week boys have been following bedtime routine. Josh & Jason still take a long time to actually fall asleep, but at least the constant trying to get out on Josh's part is slightly less. I hope it continues to decrease. I also bought sleepytime tea for him to drink about 8:00pm tonight.

So I am a bit calmer this week as well. It was great that today was a snow day from co-op, so I got caught up on housework (except mopping my kitchen floor which I HATE to do.) Jason also got to just be calm and relax today. Then when we got Josh from school we went to the library. Jason got a new book, while Josh & I renewed The Tale of Despereaux that we are reading at bedtime. After we read it we are going to see the movie.

I also think I am calmer as the past two days I am up before the boys. This is thanks to my mom, and friends, Kristen & Monica calling me in am (yes I need all three right now.) I thank God for such amazing family & friends!!!
I hope to keep up this calm atmosphere, it feels so nice!!!