Monday, January 5, 2009

our weekly schedule

Our week:

Mon.-Fri. Josh school 8:20am-3:00pm -I bring him and pick him up.

Mon. Jason has homeschool at home, and gym class at 1:15pm.

Tues. & Thur. 10-2:30 Co-op (I teach the preschool class, so Jason can be taught his classes by other people. I do not pay for him to go, they do not pay me to teach, it is a trade like bargaining - that is the co-op spirit.)

Wed. & Fri. 9:15-2:15 I work in the office. Jason goes with another homeschooling family Wed. and does schoolwork; Friday he spends with my mom.

Sunday 9:15 am-Sunday school

Tues. night 6-aerobics
7:15-Bible study

Wed. night 6-church dinner
6:45-church children's activities (I help with that as well.)

Sat. night 5:30-babysit in there home

In addition two nights a month (Mon. or Thur.) we have doctor's appointments.

Also I try to have a me night once a month on a Friday (I hang out with friends.)

What does your week look like? -Becky