Thursday, February 16, 2012

Finance Update

I was able to pay off my MasterCard & Kohl's charges (about $900 total.) I also am all caught up on all utilities, taxes, and other household bills.

The debt I still have:

-$127 owe dentist (technically Josh's dad owes all of this, and also owes me about $300 from his half of other medical bills I paid in 2011. We are supposed to split all medical bills 50/50. Out of the $450 he owes, he has paid $50. However bills are in my name and come to me, so this affects me negatively.)
-$200 owe my dad
-$170 owe paypal bill me (not due until Sept. 1st, if paid before no interest)
-$116,000 my mortgage

So about $500 in debt, not including mortgage. I plan to have paid off by end of summer. Feb., March, April, & May will be very tight months. Every penny made working at all my jobs will go to pay regular bills. Come June I will have 1-2 extra daycare children (but will not be able to do my cleaning jobs, so if I take 1 child it evens out, need 2 extra to get a bit extra in budget.)

I also have the $1,200 to clean/replace my ac coil so my furnace and ac unit will work properly again. I hate to spend this but it needs to be done.

How are your finances?


p.s. The money to repay these debts came from my 2011 Federal Tax Refund.