Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sweet Potato Soup

I just made a yummy sweet potato soup.

I baked an organic sweet potato (it was huge, like 3 sweet potatoes big.)
I cut it up, skin and all.
I took a quart of homemade veggie broth from freezer (made from organic veggie scraps.)
I defrosted in pot.
I added frozen chopped onions (about a cup.)
I also added about a cup of organic mung beans (I had made too much last time and froze them.)
I put in 1/2 a stick butter.
I added salt & pepper.

I boiled in soup pot. After boiling I turned heat down to about half way and cooked another 1-2 hours to reduce some of the liquid. Then I cooled and pureed in blender.

Super yummy.

Best part is the sweet potato was given to me, the stock was from veggie scraps, the mung beans were left over, the onions were also left over. So it was a very frugal meal.

Have you ever made sweet potato soup?



Canadian Saver said...

I absolutely LOVE sweet potatoes, only discovered them a few years ago. I usually just slice them and roast in the oven... but this soup sounds great, thanks!

Becky R said...

And with the mung beans it was so filling

Jeannette said...

I have to say this was good, very filling and full of flavor, and this is from one who is hard to please in the kitchen

Alea Milham said...

Your sweet potato soup sounds delicious. I love sweet potatoes but have never made a soup using them before. This is something I must try.

Sisters of the Blog said...

Yes, i recently made a sweet potato and kale soup that was also yummy. This one sounds good, too.