Thursday, July 7, 2011

Helping Encourage Family

Maybe you have never thought about it, but governments (yes, USA's included) do not encourage family. They do not strengthen family. They do not promote family. It is very sad, because that is the EXACT opposite of what God intended.

It is bad in America, but in poorer countries it is worse, young parents have no where to turn to help them raise their children, they are encouraged to leave them in orphanges, or just leave them.

In Haiti, though, a home has been started not just for children, but for families, to help them be a family, to teach them to love and care for their children. It is amazing.

Read about it here

And if you feel led donate so they can help more families be encouraged. Donate here

I also ask that you would pray, pray for the restoration of families. Pray that little children would be welcome into this world as the blessing they are. Pray for families to know God's love so immensly that they can't help but overflow that love on to everyone they meet.