Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Today I got up at 7:30am (I was supposed to be up at 6:30am, but I guess I set my alarm wrong,) fortunately my 7:30am daycare child came about 8:00am so I was ready by then.

At 10:00am we left for the free summer movies for kids at Clearview Cinemas. We stopped at McDonalds (I know so unhealthy) for hash browns on the way. At the movies we saw How to Train Your Dragon. It was cute.

After the movie we came home and had lunch (grill cheese with tomato from our garden, the FIRST one, and carrot slices, plus milk.)

Then we had cooking class, we made pumpkin muffins from scratch (except we used canned pumpkin.) They are delicious. And they were so simple to make. We also did not use a lot of sugar, which is always good.

While the muffins were baking we read Magic Treehouse #2 The Knight at Dawn. We got books 1-8 free from someone so our goal is to read at least 1 a week. I read the book out loud to the kids. I finished it in about 30 min.

Then we had project time. We made these:

We recently went to Michael's and found these kits on clearance for $2.49 each. Josh picked out three (one for him and each daycare child.) He got Creature for him and the daycare boy and horse/zebra for the daycare girl. They were such a hit we went online to see about getting more and I found them for $12.99. Yikes, we will not be ordering at that price. They are Sculpey Pluffy Fun Forms Oven Bake Clay Kit.

Here is Joshua with his:

Here is daycare girl with hers:

Joshua's and daycare boy's:

After crafting we had our muffins and played outside. We tried to put Kaiden down for a nap, but he was not having it. Here he is playing:

And here he is running away (he does this well):

Now we are getting ready to eat dinner. After dinner we are going to take a walk. Then Kaiden will get a bath. As soon as he leaves (about 9:30pm) I will be crashing. I am exhausted.

What did you do today?


p.s. Jason did go to movies with us and then he did some math and went to his friends, he will be home shortly and will be joining us for a walk.


Jeannette said...

you are busy busy busy, sounds like a very productive day