Monday, July 18, 2011

7 more weeks of summer

From today we have exactly 7 weeks left of summer. (I count summer as Memorial Day to Labor Day.) My summer plan are going well.

I have read 8 books of my 14 goal.
I also have had 7 no drive days of my at least 14 goal.
I have been to Great Adventure 4 times, and Hurricane Harbor 2 times.
I have been to the beach 3 times.
I have been to the library 5 times.
I have had homemade ice pops, or frozen smoothies about 20 times (yum.)
I have done about 15 crafts.
I have read over 30 books to kids. Many are chapter books, including Magic TreeHouse #1 & #2.
I have filled the plastic water table outside no less than 15 times (sometimes more than once daily.)
I have cuddled with a child (mine or daycare or both) daily.
I have been barefoot at least half the summer.
I have woken up early (6:30am) about 20 days.
I have stayed up late about 40 days.
Yet despite that combo have been surprisingly calm.
I have had special time with Joshua.
I have had special time with Jason.
I have had special time with Kaiden.
I have had 3 family barbeque's.
I have sat outside for no reason more than once.
I have had spearmint tree (with homegrown mint) about 20 times.
I have had time to reflect on our homechooling.
I have started planning next year's homeschooling.

I think we have had both a productive and relaxing summer so far.

How is your summer going? What have you done? What do you still want to do?



Anonymous said...

What a nice summer check-in. I read so much and so obsessively that I don't make goals in that area, but I did do something unusual in that I read a YA novel. I've been avoiding YA and middle grade novels while working on my own, but had a sudden urge and sat down and read one. So far, nothing bad has happened. :^)

This summer, I'm really hoping to go on a mini bike tour, or at least a most-of-the-day-ride, with D.