Wednesday, December 21, 2011


As seen in previous post, yes my kids do chores.

They will one day be grown men, and I want them to be able to take care of themselves.

The way we are doing chores this year is sort of working.
Each week each child has their own room and either the bathroom or living room. I have my room and kitchen.
They have chores that need to be done every day in each room, and some that only need to be done once that week. So they do they everyday chores and a few of the once a week chores as well. It should take them no more than 30 min. in each room. Or one hour a day.

During the entire day the have the opportunity to earn up to 40 min. of video game time daily (from scvhoolwork, chores, etc.) Regular chores are worth 10 min. But they can only play video games if all schoolwork and chores are complete.

I also have extra chores like the hallways, stairs, shoe area, etc., that are worth extra video game minutes. These extra chores are about 20 min.more playing time. I made these worth 20 minutes so they get done, the boys want extra minutes so it works. They can only do extra minutes after all regular schoolwork and chores are done.)

The boys don't usually have to do their own laundry as Josh is doing in previous post, but they have to bring down dirty laundry and put away clean laundry. Josh just wanted to do his laundry, so of course I let him.

I have a detailed list printed out for each child each week. If an item such as dust the tv, has 1 line, they do it once that week. If it has 5, like wipe toilet, they do it daily. And then check it off on list. This is really helpful for the kids.

I will say they both are doing great at the living room and bathroom. Their rooms are not so great, but this is because I don't always check their work as often as I should.

Eventually I want to add kitchen to their lists, but not yet.

My boys also do things like help me with baby, take out trash, take out recyclables, bring in trash and recyclable cans. They also feed and water the dog. These few things are not on any list, just get done as needed.

My boys also do cleaning jobs with me on occasion, but if they do they either do instead of that days chores or in exchange for extra video game minutes or something else.

I am very proud of how much my boys can do.

Do your kids do chores? How do you organize them?