Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas spending and gifts bought

I spent and bought for gifts this year:

$9.25-for mom- hat scarf brand new in thrift shop for $3.50, my mom is always bundled up outside so she will really use this, pictures $5.50, magnet .25 cents

$10.00-for stepfather-fireman travel mug (bought new at thrift shop for .50 cents), he works outside so this will be used (plus he is a volunteer fireman), hot chocolate, marshmallows, and candy cane at Wholefoods $9.50

$8.00-for sister- jewelry she picked in thrift shop $2, jewelry box $1, pictures $5

$12.00-for Jason's grandparents- Christmas ornament and photo book $12

$80.00-for my nephew- the $10 toy kitchen and $70 on pjs and blues clues toys (I went overboard on him)

$175-for my boys- $100 chip in towards there ps3 (they saved the other $300 them selves.) expensive but I am proud of them for working together to save up money all year, $20 2 puzzles, $10 stocking stuffers, $15 Lego clock, $10 Lego calendars, $20 DVDs

$12.00-for Jason's grandfather- picture book of kids $12

$5.00-library staff- hot chocolate mix and marshmallows $5

$5.00-boys therapist- $5 toys for her office

-neighbors- homemade chicken soup

$2.00-aunt- book and candle $2 at thrift shop (her daughter died, so I get a gift that she would have gotten from my cousin)

$15- niece Wii game she wanted

$22-pj's for needy family (got matching for the two daughters, had a coupon) and a dvd girls wanted

$10.00-kids I babysit- $10 bracelets made by lady at my church (so I blessed her with sale too)

$10.00-Christmas photos $10

$30.00-stamps and envelopes for Christmas letters $30

$10.00-for my brother-$5 ornaments from movie we loved as kids, $5 frames

$20.00-sponsor child- $20

$50.00*- Christmas brunch, all bought at Wholefoods (White organic bread $4, 2 dozen organic eggs $6, organic oj $6, organic strawberry banana juice $3, organic milk $5, 3 lbs. bacon $12, plastic recycled cutlery $5, organic yogurt $5, organic cream cheese $4.)

$50.00*-supplies for dye and high fructose free gingerbread houses

$535.25 total
*$100.00 used Wholefoods gift card that I got as a gift
$435.25 my cost

I spent all this in Dec. even though I said I wasn't going to spend anything. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I just love giving gifts. Plus so many people bless us with gifts.

Now to work on getting all 2011 bills paid in full asap!



Abbi said...

It is so easy to spend more than we intend to. Gift giving is fun. Great job of keeping records at least now you can look back and figure out what you might want to do differently in the future.