Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Horseback Riding

Shhhh, do not tell Jason I am posting these, but this is him at his last session of horseback riding. He rides for 8 week sessions, then gets a 2 week break. These sessions go all year. At the end of the summer their is a 4 week break though. This horse's name is Indiana. It was his favorite horse; now he is unsure (Indy got fresh last two lessons.) We are on break right now and will resume the second week of May. These lessons are theraputic and Jason's goals are created by physical and occupational therapist, as well as the horse trainors. I am so inpressed with this program, and so thankful Jason is in it. He has been riding about a year now and he is able to control the horse and ride unassisted by instructors. He can ride on saddle or without (they use a rug type thing, not bareback.) I am so proud of Jason. -Becky