Saturday, April 21, 2012

Just what we needed

Today we stayed home all day. We did some schoolwork (we homeschool), some chores, and some nothing. My youngest had lots of fun playing outside as well. I also made dinner for tonight (veggie stiry fry over organic brown rice) and Monday night too, and extra brown rice for week. After dinner we will do more schoolwork (my oldest is behind due to refusing to do stuff this week, so this is his consequence- why does it have to be mine too? lol.) Also going to watch Couragous while we fold laundry. I have not have a stay home, no work (for pay) day in a long time. What a blessing! This is exactly what we needed. (I usually watch my nephew on Saturdays but my sister took off of work today.) Tomorrow is church, family time, and starting seeds (if I can get some soil.) Oh and Once Upon a Time is on again. Yeah! Great day.


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