Saturday, April 28, 2012

Money stress again

Not to sound like a broken record (that has been playing for almost 15 years) but I am stressing about money again. Both my checking accounts have a zero balance. My emergency fund was spent this month (it was small.) I am still about $700 short on bills for April. My Sat. job didn't need me at all this month (about $400), one cleaning job cancelled ($50), and a few other things happened.

It is so stressful to live like this. I used my tax refund to play catch up and get repairs on my furnace / ac unit. So as of March 2012 I was caught up on all bills and debt free (except mortgage and $27 I owe Josh's dentist.)

The thing is I work 6 days a week. Mondays I clean a houses. Tues. - Sat. I watch my nephew in my home. Then Sat. night I also have another baby sitting job (but they cancelled me all month.) I can't work any harder or more hours (Sunday is God's day.)

I realize I have to start working smarter. Not sure what that means yet.

I ask for your prayers. I need God's direction for:





Michelle P said...

I'm sorry. I hope things pick up!

Anonymous said...

Sending prayers your way!

Becky R said...