Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Financial Update

I finally paid off the dentist ($127.00) plus my online bill pay. My current debt is:

$150 Kohl's charge (I had paid this is full, but used it again recently)
$117,000 (about) my mortgage

I also will be about $700 a month behind on May bills, and I need new tires $400.

I need to get back to making enough each month to pay all my bills and then need to figure out a way to come up with the extra $1,100 I need to get current on bills and get new tires.

Usually in the summer I watch school age children, but the one child's mom is not working right now and the other child's dad is going to work from home for the summer.

So I will try and get some additional cleaning jobs, if I get an extra $100 a week (once I am making enough to pay all regular bills) then I can be all caught up by the end of summer (if I have no emergencies.)

How are you finances?