Saturday, May 5, 2012

Home again / Wellness Week Day One

We are just taking it easy today (while still watching Kaiden, who is napping.)

I arrived home yesterday from my Wellness Week. It was amazing, inspiring, and empowering. The leaders were so kind and showed the love of Christ to us all week long.

Sunday morning I dropped my boys off at my mom's and picked up my cousin, Charlene, who also went to Wellness Week. We were so happy to be free of responsibility. We had a great conversation while driving.

About an hour and a half into the two and a half hour drive my car started overheating. We pulled over and discovered the radiator fluid steaming out of the radiator. We let the car cool and added more coolant, and checked all the other fluids. We tried to drive again, but the car was still overheating. We stopped again had a nice leisurely lunch, and walk. All the while praying to get to Wellness Week. But the car was not able to move on so we called AAA. We also called conference center to get an idea if we could catch a train, bus, or cab there. Once AAA arrived I took it on faith to tow the car to the shop of the tow truck, since the tow truck driver's name was Eric. Then two of the girls at the conference center offered to come pick us up. This was way above and beyond their job description, by the way.

So eight hours after dropping the kids off we arrived at Sandy Cove in Maryland. The staff had even saved us dinner (which was my favorite meal of the week) and we made the first session of Wellness Week.

Satan tried to keep us from attending, but God had other plans. Praise the Lord!

The first session we began with standing and singing while doing movements. Get moving was a big part of this week's theme.

We were then given an intro of the leaders, and what to expect for the week. Of course their was prayer.

After the session which was until about 8:30pm, I went up to my room. The rooms were awesome, so clean, relaxing, and quiet. They were also tv free, so we could really focus on the Lord. I got to read over all the materials, and I took a nice hot bath with Epsom salt I had brought. Then fell asleep about 10:30pm.

Stay tuned to hear about the rest of the week.