Thursday, March 31, 2011

I love my new Vac then Steam

Product description from Amazon:
"In today's busy world, who has time to sweep and mop floors? Introducing Shark® 2-in-1 Vac-then-Steam™. You start by using the high-powered suction vacuum to pick up dust and particles. Then simply switch to the chemical-free Steam mode for a truly clean, sanitized, and dry hard-floor surface. No more brooms. No more buckets of dirty water. Just clean floors - quick and easy.

Vacuum debris and dust before you clean and sanitize. The Shark® 2-in-1 Vac-then-Steam™ helps you do both. Engineered exclusively for hard floor cleaning, it converts from Vac to Steam in seconds. The continuous powerful suction picks up dust and debris, then the super-heated steam cleans and eliminates 99.9% of germs and bacteria on all your hard floor surfaces.

The unique steam technology turns simple tap water into super-heated steam that infuse the micro-fiber pads for chemical free cleaning. Only this method creates and delivers 212°F steam that is effective enough to clean and sanitize all your hard floor surfaces. The Shark® Vac-then-Steam™ can help you achieve a truly clean and healthy environment for you and your family.

Converts from Vac to Steam in seconds
Safe on all sealed hard floor surfaces: hardwood, linoleum, tile, marble and stone
Superior cleaning, fast drying micro-fiber cleaning pads that are washable & reusable
Telescopic handle with adjustable height
Premium bare-floor suction performance
Floors dry in seconds
Less time spent on hard-floor cleaning
More than 15 minutes of steam cleaning power with one tank of water
99.9% sanitation
Easy-to-replenish water tank
Lightweight system that's easy to move around
Extra long 30 foot power cord
Water capacity: 10 oz.
Voltage: 120 Volts, 60 HZ
Power: 1550 Watts
ETL Listed
Weight: 9.5 lbs.
Dimensions: 45" L x 7.8" D x 11.2" W
1 year limited warranty"

You can buy from Amazon here.

I bought two of these (from infomercial, do not go that route way too expensive that way.) I am very pleased with product. I use it almost every night to do my kitchen and bathroom floors. It is so nice to not be using chemicals and still having a clean floor. Plus I love that pads are washable, as opposed to disposable.

Does anyone else own one?



Anonymous said...

Hey... I'm really thinking about getting one of these. How did you decide on this rather than a different type of steam mop? Also, does it fit in around the toilet? That's an area I'd love to know was actually clean.

Love ya!

Becky R said...

It does not fit behind or on the side of my toilet, but in every other house & office I clean it fits on the sides, but still not behind.

I was thinking when I redo my bathroom (in 50 years) I will make sure it will fit.

I like the shark brand, I had a dustbuster/stick vac that I loved but it broke (cause I yanked plug out of wall.)