Thursday, March 10, 2011

Where have I been?

Not really sure why but I have been so busy lately. I have had no time to sleep in or blog.

This week's schedule so far:

10-1 church
1-2 lunch with cousin, my sister, my nephew, and my kids
2 went to open house (my mom is a realtor)
then home
we did something else but I forget what

11:00-1:00 dentist (ended up being an insurance issue, so we were there a long time)
1:00-3:00 home schoolwork
3:00-5:30 babysit
6:00 stepfather over to hang a jewelry box/frame
6:30 dinner at my sister's
7:00 home to do school work with Josh
snack, put kids to bed
made $12

10:00-2:00 clean half a house (a huge job, I thought would take me 4 hours, I was only half done)
2:00-6:00 home, dinner, and schoolwork (had to cook dinner at my sister's as my stove needed to be cleaned)
6:00-9:00 self clean on oven, had to leave with dog
6:30-7:30 Joshua basketball
7:30 went to Wholefoods
9:00 went home
snack, put kids to bed
made $47 (I had agreed ed on $85 for entire job, but still had 1 bathroom and 4 bedrooms to do)

10:00 pick up sister and nephew
drop sister at appointment, drop all kids at mom's
take sister to another appointment
5:00 finally done
5:30 pick up kids, quick dinner at mom's
6:38 arrive at church to teach kids
8:30 leave church
home, snack, put kids to bed

am-2:00 schoolwork
2:00 leave to bring kids to sitter
3:15 pick kids I babysit up from school
6:15 leave work, go back and get my kids
8:00 watch wipeout with sister and kids
Kaiden sleeping over
will make $30

11:00 leave for doctor's appointment
11:30-12:15 appointment
2:00-5:00 co-op
5:00 Josh soccer practice
home, snack, kids to bed

10:00-2:00 basketball
4:00-10:00 work
get kids, home, snack, to bed
will make $60

One thing is without hot water we have to go places (moms and sisters to take showers, which takes more time.) Plus I had cooked a turkey and got grease all inside stove, but I had nothing to clean it with. So I couldn't cook here for days. So I was cooking at my sister's, again taking more time than needed. Finally did self clean (we all, including dog, had to be out of house 3 hours, which is why it took me so long to do.)

I have to get off computer so I can finish up Josh's school work with him so I can bring them to their Grandmother's so I can go to work. I am really grateful for all the babysitting jobs, but I wish I had more cleaning jobs. I make about $10 an hour babysitting. With cleaning (with the exception of Tues.) I make about $20 an hour. But some money is better than none.