Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Returning Stuff

WholeFoods lets you return any product that you are not happy with for any reason. The other day I bought Coconut milk, but both my sister and I did not like it. Plus a box of crackers tasted weird. I just returned them both, no questions asked. of course I returned $9 in products and spent $39 on snacks and milk (so it is a smart move on the stores part as well.)

This is one of the reason I shop at WholeFoods. I also shop Amazon for the same reason. They are very good with returns as well.

Having a limited amount of money I need every dollar to count, so if I buy something that doesn't work for me or my family I really need to know I can get my money back.

Also by returning, I am letting my voice be heard to the company. And hopefully they will try and improve so they don't get returns and have more satisfied customers.

How are you with returns? Do you shop stores / brands with money back guarantees? Do you take them up on those offers?



Jeannette said...

Usually if I don't like something I give it to my kids :)

Costco is very good at letting you return anything, it is a very good marketing move as they know you will not leave the store without replacing the item you returned and add other stuff as well

HS @ Our Debt Blog said...

Whole Foods! Austin TX company!! Little expensive for us, but nice.


sylvia said...

i'm not so good about returning food, but pretty good with other things. i have gotten much better about insisting on rainchecks for sale priced items....unless the ad says clearly "no rainchecks". it annoys me that the sale price and cvs bucks deal on certain items coincides with the week there are very good coupons and thus the product is gone the minute it arrives on the shelves. so i get rainchecks and then hit that store every week hoping the product comes in before my awesome coupons expire!!!

i too like whole foods, but i'm very picky what i buy there. about 15 miles away from my house there is whole foods, aldi, trader joes. i could go broke.