Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Trying my seeds again

Even though last year none of the plants I started from seed lasted in my garden, I am trying again.

I just started from seed (all organic seeds and soil:)


I also have spinach, wheat grass, and 3 types of tomatoes that I need to start as well.

Here is what I have spent so far:

$7.99 seed starting tray with lid
$5.00 organic soil
$8.00 organic seed starting soil
$3.49 basil seeds
$1.89 pepper seeds
$2.69 eggplant seeds
$2.69 wheat grass seeds
$3.49 tomato seeds (one type only)
$3.99 spinach seeds
$37.00 rest of seeds (bought online, with shipping)


Plus I still have to buy organic compost (since my own compost is not ready) and mulch for when the seeds are ready to plant.

That will be about $100 for all. Pray my seeds work and I do not have to spend more money on plants in May. If I get a good harvest then $100 is a good price. Also pray Kaiden stays out of my trays that are in my kitchen. He has already discovered the dirt.

Will you have a garden this year? If yes what are you planting? Do you start with seeds or do you buy plants? Do you buy all organic?


p.s. I bought these seeds.


Jeannette said...

ha ha about Kaiden

I do hope your seeds plant a wonderful harvest of produce

I do believe though that your seeds of love, serving God and willingness to serve others are the best seeds