Thursday, January 12, 2012


Made a mistake. Overdrew my account by $17, but bounced two things and now owe the bank $68 in fees. Stupid mistakes. One thing was .05 short and I still owe the $34 fee.

I usually have my bank accounts balanced to the penny, but I forgot about a check I wrote two weeks ago, and I put .05 cents in my other account to make it even.

So much for yesterdays excitement.



I'm E said...

You should call your bank and see if they'll give you the fee back. We've had luck with that in the past if it was a one time incident. Definitely try - especially if you haven't had that happen in a while. They might give you your fee back.

Becky R said...

I will try and see if they will.

UhOh! Here We Go said...

I second on the idea of calling the bank.

Have you over drafted before? Or if you have; have you ever asked for a first time "I'm so sorry I made a mistake ahhh!!" fee? (also known as a courtesy fee LOL)

Ask to speak to the manager; tellers can't refund fees. A head teller can; but only under a branch managers say so.

Be sweet as pie as well; explain your situation. Honesty is the best.

(can you tell I just got off work? I'm a bank teller LOL!!)