Monday, January 2, 2012

Stuff I need and want to do in my home

Household repairs / maintenance / updates

Furnace/ac unit repair (estimated at $1,200)

Living Room:
*fix holes and cracks in walls
replace floor
replace couch

My room:
remove paneling
sheetrock walls
put in closet
new floor
*hang blind

*replace utensil drawer
*fix towel drawer
*install under counter cd player
replace sink

fix shower head / bathtub diverter
*replace mirror
replace vanity
*replace towel bars, and toilet paper holder
*hang glass shelf
*remove bottom of closet to make extra shelf

install shelf above garbage can
remove homeschool closet & sheet rock where closet used to be

*fix holes in wall
paint white part of stairs
*remove all carpets and nails
paint walls

Upstairs hallway:
*fix holes in walls
remove carpet
put new floor down

Josh's room:
*fix holes in walls

Jason's room:
*fix holes in walls
*fix / replace door and door frame
*hang blind
*hang shelves for Lego creations
make a better closet solution

*remove pile of tree limbs
replace cracked siding
install gutter covers
wash house
wash deck
stain deck
wash shed
stain shed
*finish tree fort
put up fence
*fix lawn mower

*plan to do in 2012



Canadian Saver said...

Why do your walls have so many holes in them?? :-)

We're focusing on the kitchen this year, but like you we have an older home so there are many other issues that could creep up...

good luck!

Becky R said...

Canadian Saver,

Ahh, the joys of special needs kids, inappropriate tantrums.

And I do make the kids pay for and help fix the damage they do after the tantrum, but it still happens again.

One day maybe we will get it right.

Have fun with your kitchen.