Friday, January 20, 2012


I saw this woman on tv who had an entire closet bigger than my room (I do not kid, my room is 10' 6" x 6' 6") full of shoes and purses. Sure they were nicely organized, but what does one need all those shoes for?

I have:
black snow boots
black dress flats (paid $9 at Walmart 10 years ago, and I love these shoes)
black dress shoes with slight chunk heel (my newest pair, bought at Payless,$25)
black slip on shoes (from Kohl's, had three years, paid $20)
tan New Balance sneakers (bought in 2008, about $60)
brown leather handmade moccasins (bought in 2010 for $50.)

The snow boots rarely get worn. My dress shoes are for church, weddings, and special occasions. I wear the slip on shoes daily. I wear my sneakers for walks, exercise, and cleaning. The moccasins, although I love, I do not wear often. They have no soles, and if it rains or snows your feet will get wet.

I also have two pairs of slippers that I wear around the house.

My boys each have a pair of snow boots, plus two pairs of sneakers. They wear their sneakers everyday, even to church and other special events. I did buy them nicer shoes at one point and they never wore them, so it is not a battle I wish to fight.

I feel so blessed for the shoes we do have.

Hope this wasn't the most boring post you have ever read.



Kevin Surbaugh said...

not boring.....what you say on TV brings back memories of Emelda Marcus. Who along with her husband, the former dictator of the Philippines took up residence in Hawaii and brought with her hundreds of pairs of shoes.

Jeannette said...

wwhattt yawwwwnn... shoes, what is your point, I need several pairs as my job position means I have to wear professional clothes and shoes to match, I have about maybe 10 pairs, I use to shop at Payless, but recently I bought two pairs of shoes off the clearance rack at Macy's with my coupon I spent under a $100 bucks for all three, I have to say comfortable and affordable, they wear well too. So payless is not in my voc anymore as the shoes are cheap and bad for your feet and you just end up replacing sooner.

PS< ifyou want new shoes I can speak to your mom, she would love to take you shopping

Jeannette said...

reread my comment, I actually bought 3 pairs under $100

Becky R said...

No need to tell my mom I have enough!!! LOL.

Sisters of the Blog said...

When i had to dress professionally, i needed more pairs of shoes. While it was perfectly acceptable for a man to wear black shoes with a navy blue suit, women weren't granted the same option. I'm not going to climb on the soapbox, although that still grates on my nerves.

I have too many pairs of shoes now. Some are dress shoes that were rarely worn before i broke my leg and are worn even less now, so i think i need to pass at least some of those along. Others were ones that i wore with different outfits when i had to dress up more than i do now. Those can be worn with jeans as well, and i do try to remember to look in my closet and wear them, rather than just the same old pair all the time.

I do have a few purses, sometimes i need to carry one instead of my usual fanny pack/bum bag. I think i can pass along a few of those, too. I have 6 that are meant for everyday use (although i use them for dressier occasions) and 4 that are Very Dressy--one's an heirloom that i'll keep no matter what, the other 2 are just fun when i'm all glammed up. That doesn't happen very often, but i have used all 4 in the last 2 years at some point.