Sunday, June 3, 2012

Another blessing

Behind my back door (to the left of this picture) we have this cubby that we throw all our shoes in. It usually is a huge mess. I found this shoe rack on the garbage a few minutes ago. So cool.

The top rack is mine, middle is Jason's, and bottom is Josh's.

I have my flat church shoes, my red slippers, my black fall slip on shoes, my sandals, and my sneakers (I also have my Birk's on my feet and nicer heals in my closet.)

Jason has one pair and one shoe, hopefully we can find the match. (He just informed that the one missing a mate doesn't fit anymore anyway.) Josh has one pair on rack, and one pair on his feet right now. (He just informed me that those shoes don't fit him either.)

The floor is all Kaiden. Four pairs sneakers, four pairs sandals, and one pair rainboots (the blessing is I got him almost all these shoes for $40 recently, plus a few not pictured.)

God even cares if I have shoe organization. I can't believe I found this on the trash. It is not broken and fits almost perfect.

What are your blessings today?