Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Financial Update

I just finished paying most of May bills.
I still owe for May:
$400 tax money (this is $1,200 every quarter)(next one due August 1st)
$155 house insurance (this is ridiculously high and due every 6 months)

All utilities / other household bills are paid in full

I do still have debt, and it has increased. WHICH I HATE!
$170 Kohl's charge
$230 Amazon charge
$116,00 or so my mortgage (it goes down each month, but am not sure of exact payoff amount)

My MasterCard and online bill pay are paid up in full (I want to cancel the bill pay thing, I am not even sure how I got it.) I will not cancel my MasterCard because it is currently my oldest in good standing debt. I did charge full amount and pay off 70%, then remainder to try and improve my credit score (in 2006 I went bankrupt.) I don't even have a card though as I shredded mine and did not order a new one.

Right now I will only pay minimum on above three debts because I currently have no emergency fund and need 4 new or newer tires. I know greatly the value of an emergency fund and no debt, however even though I work 5-6 days a week I do not currently make enough to pay all my monthly bills. I am praying about working harder and / or smarter, but also trusting in the Lord as well (trying to anyway.)

July should be an extra check month so hoping the tires hold out until then. And after I get tires will focus on paying off the charges (since they are so small.) I hope by the end of summer to be current on all bills, have the two charges paid off, and have 4 new (or newer) tires.

How are your finances?