Friday, June 1, 2012

God uses this blog too

God has also used this blog to bless me. Over the years (almost 5 that I have had this blog) people have donated money to us through paypal for various things we have fundraised for (Jason's week at camp, mission trips, etc.)  I also have had bloggers donate to help pay my water bill, buy food, and also just help fill in the gaps. I am SO THANKFUL for these people. Also many people have prayed for us through this blog.

Thank you God for using this blog to bless me and my family.
Thank you to all my readers, especially those who have prayed for us and donated over the years.

Has this blog blessed you? If so let me know how. Thanks.



Kevin Surbaugh said...

Hi Becky-
I enjoy reading your blog and appreciate the real nature of the posts. I also appreciate the comments you make on my own blog. I sometimes miss the more personal posts that I used to post, but as you know when you are married the two of you have to decide together, and if one person isn't comfortable "airing the laundry" then it's better to go the more professional route then the personal one. Anyway, God bless you and your blog, may He richly bless you.