Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Budget update

Yesterday I paid my Aug. tax bill. It was the last day to pay and not avoid the late fee. So now I am actually caught up on my taxes. This means I am actually all caught up on May and June bills. Yeah.

Now I need to catch up on:
$100 water bill (two months)
$160 electric bill (two months)
$160 phone/internet/cable (two months)
$60 sewer (one month)

Other debt:
$220 Kohl's charge
$1,000 credit card (yes this has gone up)

So I am about $1,700 in debt.

I also have a $2,000 house insurance bill due in Nov. that I will need to pay.

Any other money I get this month (about $400) will go to pay my mortgage for Sept. 1st.

How are your finances?



Anonymous said...

Saying a prayer for you.