Monday, August 13, 2012

This photo was taken by my awesome friend, Joanna. I was in this very spot here today and tried to get my own shots, but only had my cell phone camera. This is an amazing spot overlooking the reservoir. This is on the trail that I now walk barefoot, every Mon. while Josh is at art class. Because it feels so nice. Last week is was so wet and muddy. I was giddy for it all.

Today I walked to this very spot and I just sat there to soak all the beauty in. It made me want to cry it was so beautiful. It also made me want to write. I didn't have a pen or paper so instead I thought and prayed and listened. The listening part is really hard. Even alone in the quiet of the woods my thoughts cloud out what God may be saying to me. But I did hear some from Him. I heard Him in the birds songs. I also felt Him there as well. I felt him in the shade of the trees. I even saw Him in the beauty of the trees. I also felt Him send His love with a beautiful lingering butterfly. It was all so amazing.

It also made me think about who I am...
daughter of the King
my mother's daughter
a niece
a cousin
a mother
a sister
an aunt
a friend
a teacher
a steward of the Earth

It made me think about what I enjoy...
the woods
the trees
lazy mornings
taking pictures
scrap booking
coming up with recipes with whatever we have
when those recipes taste yummy
using things up (with out wasting)
having enough
a dip in in a cool pool or ocean or lake

It made me think about some things I would like to do...
learn to make pottery
learn to play guitar
go to and hike down the Grand Canyon
be able to run and love it

I also had time to reflect on who and what I am not; and how I can be better at my current roles.

It was an amazing walk in the woods with the Lord.
How did you spend your time with Him today?



Jeannette said...

Very nice post, I don't like the idea of you walking alone

Abbi said...

LOve this!