Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cloth Tissues

Ok, so I think I am sick. I have been coughing for a few weeks. Now it is worse and I have such an earache. And I am constantly blowing my nose (yum.) So yesterday I sewed about 10 cloth tissues.

I made them very quickly so they are sloppy, but they work great.

They actually work so much better than paper tissues. Paper tissues usually fall apart as I am using them. And are not usually too soft. I made the cloth ones out of flannel and they are super soft on my nose.

I have been using all cloth in my house since 2008, and have used the same few cloth tissues, so I figured I would sew some new ones.

They are now in the wash and tomorrow will be ready for use again (I even have some left for the night.) I have a feeling I will be needing them tomorrow as well.

I better be off to bed so I can get better.