Friday, December 17, 2010

Income sources

This month in addition to the childcare I do, I am working on my cleaning business. I have had three jobs. I also did letters from Santa and raised about $35 after shipping and supplies. In addition I made up a flyer for my friends that I am renting myself out next week for childcare, housecleaning, and general Christmas help. I got four jobs. Mon. I will be doing childcare, Tues. I am cleaning a house, Wed. I am cleaning, and Thur. I am doing childcare. I told my friends they can pay me whatever they chose this week only. Any money I get is more than I had.

I need about $100 to square Dec. bills away and would like to get Josh & Jason one gift each from Santa (we don't really focus on Santa, but Joshua is super excited for Santa to come this year and I don't want to take the excitement from him.) So hopefully between the four jobs next week I will make about $120 (I am assuming $25 per job, which for the cleaning is low. I usually make $60-$100 to clean a house, but will not take that much from friends anyway.)

I feel so blessed that God is sending me more work.

I especially like the satisfaction I feel after cleaning a house. It feels so good to leave knowing the house is shining (yet without any toxic chemicals or paper towels having been used to clean. Go green!)



Anonymous said...

That is awesome. I think your green cleaning business is genious!